See your business how investors do

Reveal issues within your business that could hold you back and uncover where the potential lies – whether you’re ready to sell or grow. CoPilot identifies, prioritizes, and offers up solutions for your most critical risks.

120 multiple-choice questions

30 minutes

1 comprehensive report

Lead with confidence as you prioritize the business needs that matter most.

We know what investors like (and what makes them queasy)

CoPilot uses a proprietary, patent-pending algorithm based on our team’s decades of experience with hundreds of companies and billions of dollars worth of successful transactions.

What entrepreneurs say

“I wish I’d met the Class VI team five years ago.” ​
“I was surprised at how non-formulaic my report was.”
“I would have paid for this. The report is really awesome.”
– Greg B.
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CoPilot helps you get what you want out of your business.


  • Uncover your risks and exposure
  • See how your valuation compares to similar companies
  • Work with our team to begin determining the value of your business


  • See your business how a professional investor would
  • Prioritize what you need to do to increase your business’s value
  • Get clarity on your opportunities

Peace of Mind

  • Know how to get optimally positioned for going to market
  • Prioritize the most valuable things you can do
  • Enjoy a healthier business

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See your business from the eyes of an investor

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CoPilot MarketValue™ SCORE

Find out how your company stacks up against the value of comparable companies.

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Major Work Needed Some Work to Do You’re Ready to Go

CoPilot MarketReady™ RATING

See how much work you may need to do to get your company ready to sell.


of business owners become dissatisfied with the results of their sale post-transition.


of business owners are not familiar with all their exit options.


of business owners have a formal “life after business” plan

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Don’t head down the rapids alone.

Whether you sell or decide to hold, know that you’re taking action to shore up the weak areas of your business and create a strong, healthy company.

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Class VI Partners is an exit strategies firm which guides entrepreneurs through the turbulent waters of preparing for and transitioning through a sale. Unlike many financial service groups for business owners, the Class VI team is made of seasoned entrepreneurs who have been “through the rapids” many times. Their assessment tool, CoPilot, pairs these decades of experience with a proprietary algorithm that gives valuable insights into risks and opportunities and a plan for navigating through them. Pathfinder, a 1-5 year program designed to optimize deal outcomes, surrounds entrepreneurs with financial services, business coaching, and leadership through the transaction. And with Family Office, Class VI Partners continues to meet the unique financial needs of entrepreneurs after a sale and into their next adventure.

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