Exit planning, investment banking and wealth management for the manufacturing & industrial sectors

These days, manufacturing and industrial companies face a number of growth challenges.

Regardless of the stage of your company’s sale horizon, Class VI Partners can help through our assortment of services tailored to each stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

Top manufacturing & industrial product challenges:

Labor markets are tight, and an aging skilled workforce is putting pressure on manufacturing and industrial companies. Class VI can help you think strategically about your talent acquisition and employee retention strategy to ensure a highly productive, happy workforce. 

Growth can be expensive – new buildings, leasehold improvement, production equipment, etc. Understanding the right approach to financing growth can be a tricky endeavor without a guide. Class VI can help you determine the proper financing vehicle to ensure optimal return on investment from capital investments

How long does to take a dollar to round trip your revenue cycle? Understanding bottlenecks in your cash conversion cycle and what levers to pull to free up cash flow can be tricky. Class VI can help you accelerate your cash conversion cycle while keeping all key stakeholders happy. 


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