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Class VI and the journey of the entrepreneur

Class VI and the journey of the entrepreneur

Class VI rapids are the most treacherous of all rapid classifications. If you head into a class VI rapid without a skilled and knowledgeable guide you’re likely to face serious injury, or worse. A transaction or a recapitalization is like the class VI rapid of a business’ lifecycle. We exist to prepare and guide business owners through that class VI rapid.

The journey of an entrepreneur is a challenging path full of tough decisions and exhilarating twists and turns.

We get it.

Having owned and operated businesses before founding Class VI’s predecessor, CapitalValue Advisors (and facing a recession shortly thereafter), we know what it takes. Since then, it has been our passion and our privilege to help other entrepreneurs on their own journeys. Whitewater rafting offers thrill-seekers a parallel challenge. Anyone attempting such an endeavor without extensive river rafting knowledge is going to need an experienced river guide. A good guide has seen what the river ahead can throw at a visitor and knows how the experience can change a life. The guide knows how to prepare the boat and its passengers and can make the trip a fun adventure with stories to tell around the campfire, while a reckless amateur could make this their last vacation.

We began by helping entrepreneurs navigate the sale of their businesses to reap the rewards of such an arduous journey. What we have learned along the way is that selling a business is about much more than money. It is about legacy. It is about team. It is about purpose. And it is about creating opportunities for freedom, security, and future fun. That is why we expanded our offering to include pre-transaction personal and business planning as well as post-sale wealth advisory services to ensure our clients can achieve those successes.

Over the years, we have learned what it takes for entrepreneurs to achieve the greatest outcomes. It takes detailed pre-trip planning, fixing the boat where it may have developed a hole, preparing a detailed itinerary and plan, and then flawless execution when the river gets challenging. That is why we picked our new name, Class VI. The most challenging of all the rapids, and the most skilled, experienced guides to get you through them.

As the engine to our economy, we think business owners deserve as much support as possible.

We use the latest, most advanced technology known: people.

We understand entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs

Welcome to the investment banking platform built specifically for business owners

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