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  • Reading Time 5 Minutes

    What a Difference a Year Can Make

    Fed Rate Hikes & the Deal Landscape With inflation running rampant, the Fed has worked fervently to slow an overheated economy. Interest rates were raised six times by November…

  • Reading Time 6 Minutes

    Trends in the Consumer Product Market

    The pandemic, and more recently, macroeconomic and geopolitical volatility, have affected nearly every industry. The consumer products sector is no exception. In conversations with consumer-focused investors, we have discussed…

  • Reading Time 5 Minutes

    What This (Possible) Recession Means for M&A

    Inflation, rising interest rates, geopolitical conflicts, and continued supply chain constraints have taken their toll on the public markets. Many entrepreneurs are now wondering how these economic and political…

  • Reading Time 6 Minutes

    2022 Trends in Private Equity

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS 2021 Private Equity M&A Recap 2022 Deal Activity, Lender Environment and Outlook Conclusion 2021: A Record Year 2021 private equity deal activity was record-breaking by nearly…

  • Reading Time 21 Minutes

    M&A Terms Every Business Owner Should Know

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Learn the common terminology for M&A transactions Understand the complexity of M&A transactions Learn the next steps you should take if you are preparing to sell…

  • Reading Time 10 Minutes

    The Mysteries of M&A Fees

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Understand the importance of getting qualified, experience help when selling your company Learn about the different types of fees you should expect to incur when selling…

  • Reading Time 9 Minutes

    How to prepare a business for sale in 9 steps

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Learn the steps required to prepare a business for sale Understand how to prioritize your work on the risks that are hurting value the most Learn…

  • Reading Time 8 Minutes

    A guide to increase your company’s valuation through online presence

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Understand why online marketing can increase your valuation Understand the various elements of an online presence and best practices for each Learn top strategies to improve…

  • Reading Time 8 Minutes

    When selling my company, how do I tell my story?

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS When selling your company, learn how to tell your story  Understand the three core purposes of your “book”  Learn how to put your “book” together  When selling my…

  • Reading Time 5 Minutes

    Sale planning in the face of President Biden’s capital gains tax increase proposal

    The Wall Street Journal reported last week that President Biden plans to propose an increase in the capital gains tax for taxpayers earning more than $1 million from the…

  • Reading Time 6 Minutes

    The use of debt in private equity deals – why it matters to a business owner

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Understand the relationship between increased debt financing and slower growth Learn how to analyze the impact of debt financing on your company Identify the right questions…

  • Reading Time 10 Minutes

    What is “certainty of close” and why is it important?

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Understand the potential pitfalls of engaging with an unsolicited buyer for you business Learn the importance of certainty of close when selling your business Identify what…

  • Reading Time 7 Minutes

    What happens to my team when I sell my company?

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Learn how most buyers view the team members of a target acquisition  Understand the key ways you can protect your team following an acquisition  Learn why most employees are wrong about…

  • Reading Time 8 Minutes

    Key value drivers for consumer products businesses

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Understand why investors like consumer products companies Learn which specific factors make consumer products companies more valuable than their peers Learn the measurements and ratios investors…

  • Reading Time 7 Minutes

    Key value drivers for software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) businesses

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Understand why SaaS companies earn higher valuations than project-oriented companies Learn which specific factors make SaaS companies more valuable than their peers Learn how to calculate…

  • Reading Time 8 Minutes

    Merger v. acquisition: what is the difference?

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Learn the difference between a merger and an acquisition Learn how acquisitions are structured by private equity buyers and strategic buyers Understand the challenges of a…

  • Reading Time 9 Minutes

    Growth through acquisitions: 9 key factors to consider

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Use ROI analysis to determine whether organic growth or acquisition growth is the right strategy for your company Learn why acquisitions don’t always turn out the…

  • Reading Time 8 Minutes

    7 things you can do to increase your company’s value

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Learn what makes a company valuable Identify different strategies your company can deploy today to increase company valuation Understand why increasing your company valuation is important…

  • Reading Time 9 Minutes

    How your balance sheet can kill your deal – understanding working capital

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Understand how working capital is calculated Learn why buyers pay close attention to working capital Learn how sloppy balance sheet management can result in a lower…

  • Reading Time 7 Minutes

    Financial controls – 16 best practices for business owners

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Learn about financial controls  Learn why financial controls are important to overall company value  Understand best practices for an owner implementing good financial controls  Learn how…

  • Reading Time 10 Minutes

    Scalability and business valuation

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Learn why buyers like scalable businesses  Understand the factors that determine a company’s ability to scale  Learn the pros and cons of creating a scalable business  Decide whether scalability is right…

  • Reading Time 12 Minutes

    How to fix cash flow management problems

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Identify key drivers of cash flow on both your income statement and balance sheet  Understand how each driver can help or hurt cash flow  Learn strategies…

  • Reading Time 7 Minutes

    When to sell your company

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Learn how to optimize the timing of the sale of your company by looking at personal, business and market considerations  Get best practices on when to start preparing for…

  • Reading Time 10 Minutes

    Selling to private equity – what to expect

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Learn how private equity firms structure their deals and how this can help and harm you as an owner  Understand how the use of debt can enhance the value…

  • Reading Time 9 Minutes

    When to hire an investment banker and what to look for

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Learn why an investment banker will be worth the fees  When planning a sale of your company, learn when to start interviewing investment bankers  Understand what to look for when…

  • Reading Time 7 Minutes

    How much is my business worth?

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Learn the different reasons a business owner may need to determine their company’s worth and how it can impact valuation  Explore some of the most common…

  • How to Sell Your Company: A Guide for Business Owners
    Reading Time 10 Minutes

    How to sell your company: A guide for business owners

    A guide for how to sell your business that doesn’t require an MBA. Learn the basics of the M&A process, who buys businesses, and how to make sure your…

  • Reading Time 5 Minutes

    4 common M&A Myths

    Learn more about the most common M&A myths we’ve heard from our clients and how you should think about them.

  • Reading Time 6 Minutes

    Business owner dependence: The risk hidden in most middle-market businesses

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Learn about how business owner dependency can hurt your company’s valuation or kill a deal altogether Determine whether your business is too dependent on you as…

  • Reading Time 7 Minutes

    How business risk impacts valuation

    KEY ARTICLE TAKEAWAYS Learn how buyers value target businesses Understand how a buyer’s perceived risk within a business can impact valuation   Explore some of the most common business risks…

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