April 4, 2023

Class VI Partners Represents Premier EuroCase in its Partnership with Saturn Five

Class VI Partners (“Class VI”) is pleased to announce the partnership of Premier EuroCase Inc (“Premier” or the “Company”) with Saturn Five, LLC (“Saturn Five”). The relationship will continue Premier’s legacy as a world-class cabinet component manufacturer and drive the Company’s geographic expansion, new product growth, and eternal commitment to automation and quality.  

Premier’s high-tech robotics, vertically integrated supply chain, and best-in-class inventory management system allows the business to deliver exceptionally high-quality products with speed and efficiency. Following the transaction, Andy Wilzoch will remain an owner and leader of the company, and the business will continue to operate as usual. 

“We could not be more excited for Andy, the entire Premier team, and Saturn Five on this new partnership. Andy has built a great business, and we look forward to this next chapter for the Company,” said Zack Gibson, Managing Director for Class VI. 

“We are fortunate to have worked so closely with Andy throughout this process and are excited for the future partnership between Premier and Saturn Five,” said Peter Bessone, Vice President for Class VI. 

“Even though the entire investment banking process has taken years off my life, I enjoyed working with Class VI. Thanks to them, we now have a strategic capital partner in Saturn Five who is enthusiastic about helping grow Premier in its next chapter,” said Andy Wilzoch, Founder of Premier. 

Saturn Five is a Denver-based investor group that invests in enduringly profitable businesses with distinct competitive advantages in their industry. Saturn Five is committed to a “buy and hold” investment strategy, partnering with owner-operators to ensure their legacy, support existing management, and advance company strategies. 

Saturn Five’s founder and managing partner Max Anderson stated, “We are thrilled to invest in Premier EuroCase and partner with Andy. The company has a great reputation for its exceptionally high product quality. The manufacturing operation that Andy has built is truly unique.”  

The transaction closed on February 13th, 2023. Anthony A. King Law, LLC served as legal counsel to Premier EuroCase, and Fortis Law Partners, LLC served as legal counsel to Saturn Five. 

For more information about the transaction, please contact Peter Bessone at (303) 243-5606 or pbessone@classvipartners.com, and Riley Bell at (303) 243-5609 or rbell@classvipartners.com. 

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